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Social Marketing

Social marketing is not a science, but rather a professional craft that relies on multiple scientific disciplines to create programs designed to influence human behavior on a large scale.  Our Social Marketing / Social Communication Program typically targets complex, often socially controversial behaviors, with delayed and distant benefits to audiences who often do not recognize they have a problem, much less are looking for a solution. It is a flexible framework within which Researchers (Statisticians), Marketing Professionals, and our Creative Team work together to influence behavior on a massive scale.

Our social marketing strategy entails the following steps

1) Defining the “PROBLEM STATEMENT”
2) Identify, Understand and Map the pattern of the current BEHAVIOR to define the desired objectives
3) Define the Target Audiences on whom the change of behavior is desired
a) Look for structural differences in the identified segments,
b) Identify who influences them and their decision making, their perceived barriers and benefits.
5) Re‐framing the problem to
a) Identify specific behaviors that will help change
b) Identify specific behaviors that could be brought under enforcement control 
c) Promote enforcement of existing laws / Look for ways to make the new enforcement compatible with existing.
d) Create a large scale behavioral media campaign directed at the Target Audiences
6) Communicate / Publicize the strategy in the form of an effective and sustainable campaign. Our continuous study of the prevailing trends in the digital space, allows us to connect authentically with communities and influencers which help you to improve your social marketing communication

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