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Development communication

Changing times mandate change in narrative. Today, development policies are evolving at a blistering pace and the need of the hour is to rework our communication approach and address challenges by building a public narrative for greater community consensus. Just as innovation in public service is about exploring new ways to deal with old problems, development communication is essential to steer citizen’s participation for social change.

Development support communication is a process to build powerful and persuasive narratives which will help catapult the new initiatives from the
level of acceptance to a level of collective action. A development communication model will help to establish an uninterrupted and unbiased connect with the policy-planners, the stake-holders and the citizen’s community to achieve the desired goals that enhance the quality of life and for larger public good.

The role of media in development communication is to promote content, educate and engage with the community and develop a two-way communication process rising above the traditional ways. In the new paradigm, our development communication specialists who are experts and having related experience in public policy planning, complemented with the new-age skills and in-depth understanding of the industry will help you to foster change and create the right buzz around the desired change.

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