Twitter Awards: Winners include Dove, Airbnb and Apple

Twitter has announced the winners of its yearly Twitter marketing awards to recognise the “most original and creative” advertising work being done today.

The platform said it had received hundreds of entries from over 15 countries, but after a competitive selection process, chose the marketers they thought had the best ideas.

All entries were judged based on three criteria:

Creativity: Did the campaign challenge convention and push the creative envelope?
Live: Did the campaign use Twitter in unique, new, and compelling ways to start live conversations?
Results: How did the campaign use Twitter to address and solve a key brand challenge, and what were the measurable results?
Winners came from the United States, Australia, UK, Mexico, France, and Japan across the gold, silver and bronze categories. In addition to the obvious (bragging rights), the winners scooped themseleves a custom trophy with an infographic representing how the brand’s fans and followers responded, shared, and connected with the most popular Tweet of their campaign in its first 24 hours.

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