Why CGC is key to a successful marketing strategy

In 2013, we launched the EGO POWER+ line of 56V Lithium-Ion lawn and garden products in a crowded and competitive market.

Partnering with the largest home improvement retailer in the field, we set out to quickly establish EGO as a serious alternative to more established, traditional gas-powered equipment brands.

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy and want to be informed when it comes to high-consideration products like lawn and garden equipment. Consumers research products in multiple places when making their purchase decisions and want reliable content from brands they trust and retailers they know.

To create a seamless experience for customers wherever they shop, we implemented a consumer-generated content (CGC) strategy to build awareness and trust in the EGO brand and extend its reach to our retail partner.

We knew that customer reviews and other consumer content would play a powerful role in EGO’s ultimate success, so we turned to EGO’s own customers to help spread the word.

Why did we do this?

As a new brand, EGO had no online content, brand awareness or any meaningful way to showcase the quality of its products to consumers or retail partners, and we realised EGO’s own customers would be the most authentic source to validate our product claims.

It’s one thing for us to tell a prospective buyer that our products are great, but it’s a different ball game altogether if the information is coming from someone who actually spent a few hundred dollars purchasing our product.

We can tell you that EGO is great, but it is much more meaningful when you can see other consumers at home cutting tall grass after a holiday or trimming long-neglected, heavy weeds.

We started with awareness campaigns (TV, print, radio, social media, etc.) to kick off the customer’s buying journey.

We know that 84% of customers turn to online reviews before making a purchase decision, so using online ratings and reviews was critical to support the purchase intent phase of the customer’s decision to purchase our premium products.

Bazaarvoice Advertising helps us to reach in-market shoppers with targeted digital ads for EGO products while they’re in the consideration phase. We also incorporated CGC into our ad creative by incorporating quotes from real user reviews into our digital advertising.

EGO now uses a tool called Bazaarvoice Conversations to generate ratings and reviews about EGO products for both our website and the retailer’s site through syndication. Syndicating hundreds of reviews about each product to the retailer’s site helps the retailer to be a more effective brand advocate, thereby driving more retail sales.

Relying solely on the retailer to collect this information doesn’t ensure that the EGO brand stands out from the crowd in the retailer’s standard post-sale process, so this was a critical component of our launch strategy.

Customer conversations

As another part of our CGC strategy, we implemented curated social content using Bazaarvoice Curations to highlight customer photos and videos of them using EGO products.

Through social media, customers can show pride of ownership in their purchases and enhance social awareness about EGO through their network of friends and followers.

From a customer-service standpoint, the company’s customer service representatives reach out directly to users who have questions or describe problems in their reviews.

This allows our team to provide consistent and timely interactions with our customers, and the same friendly, informed tone carries through to EGO’s responses to questions in reviews generated on the retailer’s site. Participating in review responses allows us to be proactive in customer satisfaction.

By implementing our CGC strategy, EGO now has the highest overall-average product rating at one of the largest national home-improvement retailers.

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