With many of the customers / consumers, almost more than 8 out of 10 are doing their research online and more often on their mobile devices. Hence, the key question, here will be:

  • Does your business / company has its digital presence in some form or the other?
  • Is your website Mobile friendly and responsive enough to ensure a user-friendly, easy navigation?
  • Are your customers able to search the internet for information and a link to your web presence / landing pages, which are able to generate business enquiries?
  • Is the business getting more & more enquiries and that too consistently, through internet / website?

If yes, you are on the right track. Even, if not, you are not the only ones.

Hence, most of the businesses have made their digital presence and many of them would have already started taking efforts in this direction. Nowadays, having a website is just the beginning and a lot more needs to be done so that the business is easily found using a quick mobile search.

Our focus is to assist businesses maintain a consistent digital presence, which allows customers to not only find your brand and related information about products / services but also allows to do business with a brand with ease.

As a solution to this growing need, we have chosen to deliver online solutions to our clients through a platform which is world’s fastest website builder & Online marketing app.


Now, businesses can

  • connect with customers in real-time
  • can chat with you directly into your app, from your website & your facebook brand page
  • can integrate social media to your website

We partner with Businesses who have set themselves in the process of focusing on their core business activity. Businesses should improve the quality of their marketing by outsourcing and at the same time be cost effective with increased flexibility.

For more details on our complete bouquet of marketing solutions, i.e. 1) Digital Enabled Services 2) Marketing 3) Branding 4) Projects (Turnkey / Events), please feel free to place a request with us to call or write to you:


Infiniti enables high performance of the organisation, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational data and develop information into actionable intelligence for strategic or tactical decision making, out of the evolved choices.

With sustainable competitive advantage arising from our domain knowledge, experts on board and market understanding across businesses we deliver analysis, opinions, and solutions that make businesses function better.

Our defining trait is our ability to convert data and information into expert judgements and forecasts across a wide range of domains, with deep expertise and complete objectivity.

Whether it is strategy, marketing, competitive analysis, market research, and ratings – infiniti can help you make better decisions, and become more competitive.



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